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Tutorial: Boot Covers

(someone is going to shoot me for posting thrice in one day. e__e whatever, this is for the greater good!)


Okay! Start with your boot you want (you only need one for measuring), and some stretch fabric. PLEASE USE STRETCH FABRIC IF YOU CAN HELP IT. It's so much easier, I can't even tell you. Use something with no give and you will want to kill someone very soon. *EYES FIRST JADE BOOTS*

Draw a line around it. If you're using stretchy fabric, I'd say give it an inch. If you're using non-stretch God help you just Stop reading this two inches should be okay. You'll have to pin it to the boot to size it though and give yourself a headache later. I hope whatever material you're using is worth that, you non-stretch users! :|

Cut out four of them. Yeah four, you're making two boots right? :B

Sew it. Put it on.

(I made mine so the toe of the boot and the heel stick out from the boot cover. You can make it include the toe and the heel just as easily as tracing an inch around it and sewing the entire thing. Obviously, I left those two areas unsewn)

To put it on, just tug it up the boot like a sock! (it'll give resistance, but just inch it up (best to work from the base of the foot and continually tug at it to get more slack until it slides up easily)

Shpiiiiing! Done. How easy was that, right? for the top, you can either tuck it in and pin it, orrr...

Just tuck it in without pins. I did that. It stays.

But yeah, there's your boot! Now you can draw on it, add bias tape to the edges, do whatever you want to it.

If it doesn't fit the first time (it did fit first time on this tutorial, fyi) then put the boot cover on inside-out, pin it at the seams where you want it to lie, and sew it again. Simple right?

This set of boot covers took me literally no more than fifteen minutes from tracing to taking those final pictures. It's a really easy method! So~ enjoy 8] and any questions or curiousities about detailwork, let me know and I'll try to answer them. :D
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